Do you need a Crossrail Haulage job in the North London area? Fortunately for you, you have come across one of the best companies that deal with heavy lifting and Transportation - WB Services UK.

WB Services have gained their experience mainly within the construction/installation field. All of their personnel and staff within their Operations Depot hold ten to fifty years of experience in the Transport Logistics, Manual Handling and Crane Hire Industry. Within their years of service, they have gained a positive reputation across Essex, Sussex, Kent, Berkshire, East London, Central London, North London and West London as being reliable, trustworthy and professional when going about their business and dealing with their customers. A benefit of using WB Services is the fact that they are vastly experienced with working in different environments and having to deal with many stressful situations and decisions. The team understand all the stresses that customers will have, and the team will strive to take on that stress and relieve their customers.

For more information on WB Services, visit their website, or to speak to one of the members of the team, fill out their contact form.

WB Services Fleet WB Services Fleet

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