Hiabs are a vital ingredient to aid the smooth running of construction projects across the world. As the term used to denote lorry-mounted cranes, they offer an abundance of diverse benefits opposed to traditional cranes and depend on everything from the scale of your project, the budget, the time-frame and much more. To understand whether our Hiab hire in London is right for your needs, it’s important you take these considerations into account.

At WB Services we have gathered and gained a reputation across the industry as a leading provider of Hiabs in various sizes and styles. Our work is framed by our ability to offer specialist vehicles to sites across the South East as quickly as possible, helping to reduce the time your company is left waiting.

What considerations to make when choosing our Hiab hire in London?

Size: The first, and most important, stage of choosing a Hiab from our selection at WB Services is deciding on which size Hiab to hire. Our vast array of Hiabs in London is suitable for the changing and evolving needs of construction companies across the UK, so it’s vital that you know the tasks and the weight of the products involved.

From small Hiab trucks that are ideal for challenging locations with limited space and medium Hiab trucks that can cope with up 12,000kgs through to our heavy and special build Hiabs which are ideal for the bespoke requirements of our customers, you can be sure of finding the right size Hiab when you choose WB Services.

Use: The next consideration to make, and one that can be discussed in further detail with our experts at WB Services is the usage of the Hiabs. When you call upon our services, we will look to discover why you need our vehicles, what type of work we are dealing with and the further considerations to make relating to these.

We have worked with companies that need our flatbed Hiabs to transport and move products as well as those looking for a swift installation of signage on buildings among other needs. The varied requirements of our customers make it vital that you speak with us first.

Budget: Once you have understood the type and usage of your Hiab and how our hire services can be used to help you in London, it’s important that you set a budget. This relates to how long you require our services and any other special requirements you have in relation to your specific job or project. We can discuss these options with you to ensure a cost-effective service that won’t leave a hole in your company’s pockets.

Our Hiab hire in London is trusted by companies large and small as a better investment compared to traditional cranes. More affordable and better equipped to deal with smaller and more challenging projects, our range of Hiab trucks could be the answer to your company’s needs.

The next step for your company is to speak with our professionals and tick off those considerations. If you would like to get the ball rolling, send us a message today.

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